Monday, March 05, 2007

Blood Lines - Eileen Wilks

The "e" in the author's surname is a typo that was on early promo pics including this one.

Blood Lines
Eileen Wilks
(Moon Children, Book 5 - that's counting the short stories, which Wilks does on her website -

I thoroughly enjoyed this. I wasn't so keen on the previous book in the series - still a great read, but looking back the story wasn't so much my thing. Now, we're on track with what is now clearly a long term story and our main characters are beginning to find out how serious things are.

The action here is shared between Lily and Rule and Cullen and Cynna. Clearly, Cullen and Cynna are going to get more "screen time" as their roles in the coming future build. That's fine with me - I like both pairs of characters and I'll be happy to spend time with Cullen and Cynna - so long and Lily and Rule don't get dropped completely.

The world is changing - magic faded out of the world about 400 years ago and now it is coming back. The goddess who is the Lupi's enemy is determined to take and gain power and needs Lily to do it. And things are only going to get more complicated.

I really liked this book, because the series is going somewhere now. I guess for Wilks it always was, but the readers can see it now. I can't wait for more.

Oh, and some of Grandmother's secrets are revealed. There are dragons. And it looks like we should see more of Molly and Michael eventually. That will be great as I loved them. The last line of their short story is the best last line I've ever read, I think.

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