Monday, March 05, 2007

The City, Not Long After - Pat Murphy

The City, Not Long After
Pat Murphy

I really enjoyed this. It was kind of weird and quirky in a most delightful way. My only disappointment was that the ending didn't seem to match the rest of the book. More accurate, the very end did, but the few pages before as the "current time" action ended, just sort of ran out of steam without the delicacy of the rest of the book.

The characters were all delightful - and the descriptions of their art and their weapons, both variations on the same thing, were beautifully done.

Each person was well described, not only in who they were at the time of the story, but in how they came to be that way.

A lovely story, if not exactly straightforward, kind of like the title, which I love.

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The Silver Thistle said...

Ohhh, this one sounds intriguing. I may have to look into this one a bit more. Thanks for the sharing.