Saturday, March 03, 2007

Scrapbooking Stuff

I've just downloaded a lovely freebie from Anna Benjamin's Paper Moons blog. She's having a "March Madness" month and giving away something each day. Yesterday was a lovely paper set and today some matching little circular frames shaped like flowers. Go and take a look, give her some love and take home some really pretty goodies.

I applied for a scrapping creative team today. I've never done anything like it before, so my stomach still feels a bit fluttery, but there's a first time for everything, right? Teresa Ferguson, who makes fantastic layered templates - I've been using them for some of the SSD challenges - is looking for a team to use and promote her templates. I don't know if anything will come of it. I suspect getting chosen the first time to try applying is kind of like getting a book published the first time you submit it and that rarely, if ever, happens. All the same, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and see what happens. I did feel I needed to explain about my health, so I don't know if that will count for me (I'm honest) or against me (I might be unreliable) but I wouldn't have made the application if I didn't think I could handle it.

I've been way behind posting layouts here - do people even want to see them? - but my Flickr gallery is finally up to date, so if you want to take a look at what I've been up to, have a look at my Layouts photostream. I'm not going to inundate the blog with all the backlog, but may post a few favourites.

I did one I just love of my brother and SIL and niece, but I don't know if they'd want me to post her baby pictures, so you'll just have to believe me when I tell you it turned out really lovely. I'm going to see my SIL in two weeks, so I'll print the few layouts I have that feature their family and give them to her.

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