Monday, March 05, 2007

Our weekend

We've had a busy weekend, this time around.

On Saturday, in what was close to a spur of the moment decision, we decided to go to the Airforce Open Day at the local Base. We had a lovely time - Marcus loved the planes and coped surprisingly well with the noise. Dave took a number of photos, but unfortunately discovered when he came home that Marcus had changed one of the settings on the camera and it wasn't set up properly.

The photos still came out okay, but they were Kerry-quality photos rather than Dave-quality photos. I'm planning to do some layouts using them, but I've been very tired since my busy weekend, so I haven't done much of anything since, but here's one to whet the appetite.

I got sunburnt on one arm, but otherwise we were pretty well sorted for an impromptu outing. We all had sunglasses (Marcus didn't wear his), Marcus and I had hats, we had the stroller and my stick and everybody had shoes (not always the case in this family). We stayed a couple of hours, but by lunch time it was getting very full of people and we were getting tired, so we decided that was a good time to head home.

Sunday, we considered taking Marcus to a train open day, but decided he had done enough the day before - besides, as much as he loves looking at trains, reading about trains and playing with trains, he's afraid of the real thing, so we're going to wait until he's a bit older and will actually enjoy a train ride.

Instead, we went for a drive to Barbara's Books, retail home of my pusher (she pretends she's a bookseller, but it's all about giving out the next fix) to pick up a couple of books for me. This is a specialty bookstore that carries US release SF/Fantasy/Romance and Barbara keeps a lot more people than me in books. So this means I visit there quite often. Often enough that as we turned into the carpark, Marcus announced "Barbara's House". I guess I really do go there a lot!

For the curious, I picked up:
The Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon. This series is so my guilty pleasure. If I wanted to, I could pick huge holes in them all, but I don't. I just go along for the ride and have a great time as I do.
Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur. Barbara conned me into this one. It's the first in a series, so if I like it I'm in trouble.
Must Love Dragons by Stephanie Rowe. Another Barbara recommendation, this is actually the second in teh series, but she assured me it stood alone and I didn't need to read the first.

We got home again to find - to my huge embarrassment - that the friend I'd invited over had been there for a hour and I'd forgotten all about it! Happily, she'd settled in a chair by the pool and read happily. She was just getting ready to head home when we got back. So we did what we had originally planned - watched the latest two episodes of Grey's Anatomy to get all caught up. We'd known the last three were a group and had watched the first, then decided to wait until we had both of the next two to watch. I'm very glad we did, as if we'd got to the cliffhanger ending of the first one without the next, we would have been very stressed. (I don't want to spoil anyone still to watch the eps, especially friends here in NZ where the show isn't up to that point yet. If you've seen them, you know what I mean.)

That was quite enough happenings for one weekend for me.


Shalini said...

That's a fabulous photo! I can't wait to see what you do with it. Oh, and thanks for the link to the wings.

Jennie said...

Neat photo! Sounds like a busy, but fun weekend. We were thinking of going to the Air Show as well, but the thought of the heat and the crowd put us all off. We could see some of it from where we live (the planes doing their thing) so that was quite cool anyway. :)