Saturday, March 24, 2007

Little Things

Little Things
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For the Sweet Shoppe Designs Sugar Free Challenge #8 (21st Mar 2007)

I know it's silly, but these little scars on your hands make my heart hurt each time I catch sight of them. You have them on both hands, and on both your feet as well. They are from all the blood tests, IV lines, heel pricks, blood transfusions and the like that you've had in your little life. When I see them, I remember how hard it was to let people stick so many holes in you, even though I knew how important it was. The very worst was the silly doctor who tried three times to give you a lumbar puncture and three times to put in an IV line and failied at them both. Every time. I know it isn't very Christian of me, but I think there's a small piece of me that hasn't ever forgiven him for that. I know every little scar is a reminder of a procedure that helped ensure you're so big and strong today and that's what I should remember, but a part of my heart still cracks each time I see them. 22nd March, 2007

Papers from "Natural Beauty" by Amy Knepper; paper curl from "Curled Paper Edges" by Anna Aspnes; alpha is "Mini Clothes Peg Alpha" by Angela Barton; flower from "Scrap Street Simple Florist" by Jen Wilson; gem is from "Opalettes" by Anna Benjamin; tie down, frame and butterfly from "Be Inspired" by the Sweet Shoppe Designers and Gina Miller; fonts are FG Lova and Gotham Nights.


Jennie said...

Beautiful as always - both the layout and the journalling. :)

Jennie said...

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