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Silly, but it was fun

Guilty Pleasure
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Guilty Pleasure
For the Sweet Shoppe Designs Sugar Free Challenge #6 (7th Mar 2006)

Guilty Pleasure

I was just reading the lastest book in this series this week and reflecting that I look on them as a guilty pleasure and then along came this challenge. What else could I do?

I know these books aren't exactly literature. The writing is capable and competent, but isn't going to win any poetry competitions. I admit they're a bit over the top - okay a whole lot over the top. Well into soap opera territory even sometimes, filled with immortals and demons, gods and goddesses, Greece and Ireland and Alazka and Atlantis, good and evil and even some shades in between. There's a hunky, tortured hero who's 11,000 years old and a whole variety of couples with enough obstacles keeping them apart to build a mountain to rival Everest - and still they all get their happy ever after ending. There are embarrassing covers I wouldn't want to be seen in public with (although the more recent releases are generally more decent that the awful early ones) and some rather tacky titles. There are confusing and complicated family trees that really do rival thoses on most soap operas, rivalries and plots and evil machinations. But you know what - I don't care. I can dive into this complicated, crazy world and have a great time reading the latest installment (or rereading a previous one) and enjoying every word and every moment. I like trying to figure out what is going on in the bigger picture, who is really who, what is going to happen next to a whole cast of characters and, of course, the big questions of who Ash is going to end up with and if Artemis is going to get her comeuppance.
These are my guilty pleasure.

Background paper and fill paper for title from "Be My Valentine" by Lisa Whitney; photo cluster is "Realistic Shadow Cluster 1"; single frame cut from the same cluster; heart from "Genuine Spirit" by Michelle Coleman; flower from "Joshua's Day in the Sun" by Michelle Coleman and Diane Rigdon; stitching and flowers from "Stitches and Flowers" by Mindy Terasawa; ladybird from "Flitter" by Amanda Rockwell; fonts are KGD Butternut Script and Unnamed Melody.

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Kim said...

Those are my guilty pleasure too! You are right, they aren't "literature" but sometimes it's nice to sit down with a quick read. I don't always like the main characters, but I love the back story in these books with Ash and the gods.

Enjoy your guilty pleasure(I know I do:))