Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where I Live aka Playing with Google Maps

This was inspired by the Our Blog 2 Yours post over at the SSD Blog. I read it and decided this was my chance to play with the Google Maps satellite images of my area. So here you go, for anyone who doesn't live around here and is interested in where I live.

We moved in July 2006, to this house which has a backyard for Marcus to play in and the living area and bedrooms all on the same level, something we didn't have at our last home. We moved in there when I was pregnant, but we didn't know it at the time and didn't have plans for children at that point, so we didn't take bedroom locations for a baby into account when we made decisions.

It was okay while Marcus was a baby and in a basinette in our bedroom, but once he was ready to move into his own room (which was downstairs) and old enough to want to play outside (which was a bit of concrete courtyard or a patch of grass beside a shared driveway) we decided it was time to look for somewhere else.

We found this house through a friend and it's working out beautifully. We'd still like to buy our own place one day, but with the outrageous house prices in Auckland at present and the fact I can't work, it's not in our present budget plans.

So here are some pictures, zooming in on our house.

(Click on this one for a bigger version)

Yes, that's our house. We're the one on the corner. That little blue spot is the swimming pool, with the bedrooms at that end of the house and the living area facing the street where the house takes on a T shape.

Just be aware that this last photo (taken from the side street, showing the living room over the garage and Marcus' bedroom to the right behind the tree and the little outcropping sunny spot in our bedroom to the right of that) was taken before we moved in, while the previous tenants were still living here. They didn't take care of the place properly and the messy lawns, rubbish in view etc, is due to them, not us. We do take proper care of the place, I swear. (I don't understand how people can fail to take care of and pride in where they live, whether they own it or not, but obviously it happens.)

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I just love Google Maps and Google Earth!