Sunday, April 01, 2007


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For the Sweet Shoppe Designs Cookie Decorating 101 Challenge #5 (28 Mar 2007)

It was a delight to see the joy on your face when we visited Butterfly Creek.

Based on A Mother's Heart by Raine O'Dell; template by Teresa Ferguson; butterfly from "Painted Butterflies" by Amber Clegg; right side orange paper from "Love Me Tender" in the "This Love" collection by Dani Mogstad; middle orange paper from "Solids" in the "This Love" collection by Dani Mogstad; left orange paper from "Summer Sunsations" by Jen Reed, Jeanine Baechtold and Krista Mettler; brown journalling paper from "Backyard Explorer" by Lynn Grieveson; scalloped brown paper from "Fudge Dream Supreme" by Robin Carlton and Lauren Grier alpha is from "As Time Goes By" by Megan Willmann; font is KGD Kerry Print.

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Krista said...

wow, this is lovely. i especially like how you put the smaller circle photos around him like the butterflies are flitting around him. cool!