Friday, April 27, 2007

Possessed by the Sheikh by Penny Jordan

Title: Possessed by the Sheikh
Author: Penny Jordan
Published: April 2005
Grade: 5/10

Why I Chose this Book:
I was looking for some very light reading while waiting for Marcus to come through surgery.

Stranded in the sands, Katrina was rescued by a robed man on a horse and taken back to his luxury desert camp. Despite the attraction that sparked between them, the Sheikh thought Katrina was nothing more than a whore. But no way could he leave her to other men. In order to protect her, he would have to marry her! But when he discovered, first hand, that she was a virgin - that changed everything!

My Comments:
I borrowed this from the library to be a quick and easy read while waiting for my son to come out of surgery from having his adenoids and tonsils out. It was quick, and I guess it was easy, but it was also cliched and kind of boring. I wasn't hugely impressed and this quickly ended my Harlequin cateory romance reading kick with a grand total of two books.

I've been reading message boards discussing things in romances that are out of date and annoying and I felt this book contained most of them. So it was interesting for ticking off the various cliches but that was about all.

It did what it was supposed to do - give me something else to think about while sitting waiting - but I won't be rushing out to find more like it.

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