Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Book in the Mail (and a ramble)

Whoo-hoo! My copy of Catherine Asaro's new release, The Ruby Dice, arrived from Amazon today. I've been in a real reading slump lately and I'm not sure if I'm ready to read it yet - I want to be able to get the most possible from it - but it's great to have it here. It means I can read it whenever I want now, whether that's tomorrow or in a couple of months. (I expect reality will be somewhere between the two.)

Everything I've read lately has been really slow going and I haven't felt properly engaged by a book for a while. (Which is part of why I'll wait until I feel ready to read The Ruby Dice - this is a book I want to feel engaged by.) It's taken me (comparative) ages to read anything and it is all very annoying to a bookaholic like me.

I finished Alexandra Potter's Mr Darcy and Me today. I picked it up on Swap Club (the NZ equivalent to something like Paperback Swap but with a whole lot less people and therefore a whole lot less books) because it looked interesting and it seemed to be a good time to try reading something different. I liked the first half to two-thirds, but got annoyed by the narrator at about that point and skimmed to the end. I'm still hoping to keep up with reviews this month (with Mr Darcy and Me I only have two to do at present, so I'm hoping to get those done) so will save futher comments for later.

I've now gone back to Patricia Briggs' Dragon Blood, which I had paused with when the villain tried to drive the hero insane and steal his blood to activate an ancient artefact. I've got past that part now and the good guys are gathering support to stand against the bad guys, so I'm not so squicked and enjoying it again.

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