Sunday, January 06, 2008

My first ever reading challenge

I really shouldn't be doing this, but it's dragons so I'm going to let myself be tempted.

I read (or at least skim) at lot of book blogs these days and I am in awe of all these people who join all these reading challenges. I love the idea, but I am careful to avoid them, as I struggle to keep up with the books I want to read/buy that are just of interest to me, without trying to add in challenges as well.

But over at Stray Talk, there's a challenge to read dragon books. I don't read as many dragon books as I used to do, but the temptation is too great not to try to join in. However, I am going to put a restraint on myself - the books still have to come from either my TBR list or want to reread list. Otherwise I'll put my stress levels back up and my whole goal for 2008 is to work with realistic expectations so as to stay as calm and unstressed as possible.

So here's a list of dragon books. The challenge is to read 3 - 5 of them between 1st Jan 2008 and 30th June 2008, which I think I should be able to manage.
  1. Dragon Blood - Patricia Briggs (been on the TBR for ages)
  2. Empire of Ivory - Naomi Novik (next Temeraire book, on the TBR)
  3. Cast in Courtlight - Michelle Sagara (I'm assuming Tiamaris is in this one too, on the TBR)
  4. Tea with the Black Dragon - R. A. MacAvoy (on the want to reread list)
  5. Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls - Jane Lindskold (on the want to reread list)
  6. The Copper Crown - Patricia Kennealy-Morrison (so it's a dragon-styled spaceship but that's got to be close, on the want to reread list)


Love said...

Thank you for joining my challenge! I hope you'll enjoy it. =)

I'm looking forward to seeing your reviews.

Happy reading!

Marg said...

I have to say that this is very tempting! I love the Naomi Novik books, and I have been meaning to read the Briggs books! Having said all that, while I am participating in challenges this year (which I didn't last year) it is only for books that I have already got on my TBR list, so I won't be joining this one! Good luck to you though!

sraun said...

If you want some quick reads to add to the list, look up Pat Wrede's Enchanted Forest Chronicles - Dealing with Dragons, Searching for Dragons, Calling on Dragons, and Talking to Dragons. Technically they're YA - if you haven't read them, Cimorene (the protagonist / heroine) is a princess who runs away from home because she doesn't want to get married, becomes housekeeper for the dragon Kazul, and has great adventures!