Saturday, January 05, 2008

Spit Happens

Auntie Andie stitched this bib especially for Marcus, knowing he had a mother who liked dragons and that all babies need a cool bib to catch their spits and spills. It’s really only a tiny thing, but Marcus was so tiny himself to begin with, that it covered him from his chin almost all the way down to his legs. It was a lovely gift and has been saved in my box of baby treasures for me to look back at one day & remember how important friendship is, whether we are close or many miles apart.

Background, frame and purple flower from "Chloe's Treasures" by Paint the Moon Designs
Green flower from "Funky Blooms Brights" by Paint the Mood Designs
Butterflies from "Ephermerals II" by Jofia Designs
Button from "Variations Elements" by Natali Designs
Stitching from "Twine" by Natali Designs
Font is KGD Kerry Print

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