Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Two Wednesdays on Garnet

I didn't get last Wednesday's picture of Garnet up, so here it is a week late.

Today's stitching was more of a token effort. I stitch Garnet on Wednesdays, so I wanted to have stitched something, but I'm not up to very much. As I had expected, but holiday season has caught up with me and I'm pretty much flattened. I spent today - from when Dave and Marcus left at about 8am to when they got back just before 6pm - in bed. I would have been asleep for a minimum of half that time and in a dozing, not up to doing anything constructive, state for the rest of it. Certainly not a suitable condition for stitching. So I did a little (3 lengths of floss) after dinner and now I'm posting this and heading back to bed. Maybe by next Wednesday I'll be in better shape and able to do a bit more.

So here's Garnet after 6 days of stitching.


fudgey said...

well i can see a difference between the two pics..
three lengths of floss is better than no lengths ..
i love the colours so far..
did you see the other wip on the haed BB??

Sirvinya said...

Thanks for dropping by and looking at my new HAED wip. I'll be watching you stitch yours as well! I love the colours on yours.

The Silver Thistle said...

Awww, feel better soon.

Nice progress though, at least you you have something to show.....unlike me, lol