Sunday, January 20, 2008

Can't turn your back

Marcus told me he needed to go to the toilet, so I sent him off to do his thing. (He's at the point where he's toilet trained but still feels the need to tell us when he needs to go.)

After a while, I decided things had got a bit quiet, about the same time he called for me (which usually means helping him get the right foot through the right hole in his underwear).

Instead, he proudly showed me the door handle. Naked from the waist down, he'd taken the screwdriver from his tool box (which Daddy made up for him with real tools) and quietly removed one of the screws holding the door handle to the door. There was no sign of the screw.

"Where's the screw?" I asked.

"In there," he told me, pointing at the wall cupboard.

Sure enough, there beside the spare rolls of toilet paper was the screw.

Fortunately, with a bit of praise and encouragement he was happy and willing to replace the screw and tighten it up again.

You can't turn your back on this kid.

1 comment:

Doris said...

you are right never turn your back on any kid,my daughter make so many thins (disaster things) in a few seconds,i don´t kno how she do it.