Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stitching Dream List

Largely for the fun of it, and inspired by people like Mel, I made up a "Dream List" of charts that make me drool. It was a lot of fun cruising different websites and finding things I'd like to stitch if I had an excess of money, time and energy (all of which are severely lacking in my life).

You can find it here in my Flickr albums. I have also added a link in the sidebar.

Today I'm happily stitching away on Defender of the Kingdom as part of the HAED BB Stitch-a-long. I think I'll pretty much be stitching black and nothing else for the entire time as I fill in some background but it is very satisfying to see the fabric getting eaten up by the stitches.

Look out for a new Alpine Seasons photo soon. Dave has taken some pictures for me and as long as there's a good one, I'll try to post it tonight.


The Silver Thistle said...

You were inspired by Mel's.....and nwo I'm inspired by your's, lol.

Now we both have dreamlists, hehehe.

tkdchick said...

Good for you! I'm thinking I should add pictures to mine!