Monday, May 08, 2006

Defender of the Kingdom

I didn't feel up to stitching until Friday this week, so I didn't get a huge amount done on Defender of the Kingdom, but I'm still very happy with my progress. It was all filling in with navy blue and now it's looking a lot less messy than it did when I started.

(I'm adding larger versions now, so click on the image - I'll stop telling you about it soon so get into the habit)

I'm very tired (finally figured out it's because Marcus won't take a daytime nap on the days he's home, so I've lost four days' rest a week) so everything is going very slowly.

I've also got a new layout done that I'm very pleased with, but I pulled elements from all over the place and I still have to do all the credits. My brain doesn't feel up to it right now and I can't post it online until that's done, so it'll have a wait a bit.


fudgey said...

look at theat fabric fold...
i loved the bigger image, i got to check out your amazingly neat stitching,
great work my friend...


Nicki said...

Beautiful! And it seems like quite a lot done since last time I saw it :)

HAED Sexy Fairy said...

It's beautiful Kerry.
I hope you will get more rest this week.


Mel in Dubai said...

Defender of the Kingdom looks great, Kerry :)

Love the layout of the little yellow digger too - so cute!