Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Layout - Kangaroo Care

This is another challenge from Scrapmommies. The idea was to do a picture of you and your child. This is the first time I've actually gone back through my livejournal and used an original journal entry from the day of the photo. This page will go in Marcus' album when I actually do it. So one page down and who knows how many to go.

Journaling is directly from my Livejournal of 3rd February, 2004
Wow, amazing!I got to hold my little boy today. It was my first cuddle and words fail me when I try to describe it.
He was still attached to all his monitors and wires, but he was able to come off the CPAP (which helps with his breathing) for a while which meant I could sit beside the incubator with him cuddled on my chest.
They call it "kangaroo care", where he lies on my chest with as much skin to skin contact as possible and then gets wrapped up so he's all warm and snug.
He rested happily, and even dozed off to sleep.

Credits ~
Beads from Butterfly Kisses by Jeanelle Paige (Sweet Digi Creations); Background paper from Green Elephant by Joana Carvalho; Journalling Paper from Note This by Gina Miller (Scrapbook-Bytes); Tuesday flower from Bloom of the Week Club by Amanda Lacey for www.sweetshoppedesigns.com; Flower stamp from Aqua Dreams by Gina Cabrera for www.DigitalDesignEssentials.com; Photo framing from Edges Pack by Lauren Bavin; Word art and ribbon from Baby Baby! Preemies by Michelle Raine; font is Jayne

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fudgey said...

i know it is about Marcus, but you look beautiful in that picture...
there isa a sort of inner radiance that can't be described with mere words.. the picture speaks it..

just gorgeous