Sunday, May 28, 2006

Layout - Monkey Swing

Dave's parents were in Auckland for the day yesterday. They had been on a cruise around some of the Pacific Islands and the ship docked here at Auckland. So we picked them up from the quay and got to spend several hours with them before taking them to the airport for their flight home.

We had lunch at a cafe over by the airport that is part of a complex with a butterfly house, childrens' farm, train and playground. We only had time for the food and the playground; the food was good and Marcus had a wonderful time.

He has absolutely no sense of fear and will head for the big kids' equipment if given half a chance. We conned him back onto the smaller climbing fort and slide, but he still managed to prove that a plain old slide is just too basic for him at the advanced age of two and a third.

Butterfly Creek
27th May, 2006
Torn edge from Kim Hill; stitching from Simply Stitching Imperfect Frames and Corners by Christine Nash; everything else from Monkey Doodle Doo by Robin Carlton and Christy Lyle.
Font is Century Gothic.


fudgey said...

he looks so happy,
you are getting really good at picking pics and layouts...
i love this one

Jennie said...

Heh, what a cute layout for your little monkey - that stitching looks really cool around the photo too.