Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Layout - Frog Prince

I've known I was going to scrap at least once, if not several times, some of the "frog boy" photos we have of Marcus. When I saw this kit, I bought it pretty much on the spot (it helped that it was on special) to use later for just this.

Scrapmommies were having a scraplift challenge (where you make a layout of your own, copying the look of someone else's layout). Mine quickly turned into something individual, so the scraplift part was a bust, but I'm really pleased with the result.

Because you were attached to so many monitors
it was safe for you to sleep on your stomach in your incubator
You liked to tuck your legs up under your tummy
like a little frog so Daddy and I called you our frog boy
You were so tiny and so very precious

Everything is from Frog Prince by Mirranda Reinhardt (www.yesterday-remembered.com). Fonts are Aqualine, Corabael and Helena.


HAED Sexy Fairy said...

Hmmmm, can I have 2 favourites pleaseeeee.


fudgey said...

i love this one too..
apparently i looked like a funny little frog when i was born cos i was born with a twisted leg and had to be in plaster up to my hipfrom birth to about 6 months..
mum used to call me her little froggy... maybe my later life obsession with frogs comes from that??

lovely very special scrapping kerry