Sunday, May 28, 2006

Layout - A Real Hero

Another Scrapmommies challenge. This one was for Mother's Day and the prompt was "mothers as everyday heroes". Being kind of warped, I went off on a tangent again. I'm really pleased with the result.

The hero phrases are:
Puts bandaids on skinned knees
Knows how to jump in puddles
Can kiss everything better
Mends ripped clothes
Wakes up at the slightest sound
Gives kisses without warning
Insists on hats and sunscreen in summer
Can whip up a fancy dress costume in minutes
Gives the best cuddles
Doesn't mind a bit of mess
Loves finger painting
Watches sports games in the rain
Loves unconditionally
Can help with maths homework
Can sweet talk the mosters under the bed
Gets up in the middle of the night without complaining
Makes hot chocolate on cold days
Will read the same story over and over as if it was the first time
Knows how to soothe a scared teddy
Hasn't had a sleep-in in years
Can turn a saucepan into a musical instrument

The superhero was created with Hero Machine. Background and elements from Bliss by Kelly Shults. Fonts are Sara Elizabeth and Milk and Cereal.

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