Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I won a book!

Author Ann Aguirre (whose Grimspace I loved and Wanderlust I liked very much) has just run a competition over on her blog. After being totally blown away by Pauline Almada's novel, The Eye of Night, she offered to give away 10 copies and run a book club for the book once everyone has received their books (and anyone else who wants to join in has had a chance to snag themselves a copy).

The book sounded excellent (romantic, epic fantasy was how Ann described it, which sounded perfect), so I added my name to the comments.

And I won!

I now have the book sitting on my laptop and just have to transfer it to my PDA. (An ecopy seemed the way to go, both for me and to save Ann the postage to New Zealand.) I'm really looking foward to reading it, but I shall reign in my temptation until I know people getting paper copies have started reading it. I don't want to be finished too soon and not able to remember things once people start discussing the book.

This is a case where I don't mind that the TBR list has just gone up by one again.

Thank you, Ann.


starfirenz said...

Heya Kerry - I don't think we've met (although maybe we did at neongraal's wedding? but if so, we weren't introduced), but I sort of know you by proxy (via neongraal on one hand, and orannia on another!). I'm the friend of Orannia's who keeps borrowing your JD Robb "In Death" books through her!

I just discovered you had this blog via your comment on Orannia's new blogspot blog, and it looks like we have some of the same reading tastes, so I hope you don't mind if add your LJ feed to my friends list over on LJ and comment/say hi every now and then.



Kerry said...

Not a problem and welcome!

I'm always happy to make friends with another book lover.

I'm not sure if we've actually met or not, but I certainly know who you are. :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Kerry,
I read The Eye of Night in November and I absolutely loved it. Congrats on winning a copy and I look forward to your comments in Ann Aguirre's book club.