Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just because it's free...

I got an email from Dave this afternoon, gleefully telling me that his work had been giving away something for free and he had decided to bring it home.  The word he used was willingly, which made me kind of nervous.  Especially since he refused to tell me what it was.

"It's not a dog, is it?" I asked.  (I'm a cat-person, not a dog-person, but then so is he, so this was fairly unlikely.)

"Not a dog", he assured me, still refusing to say what it actually was.

He arrived home with a large box, and proudly showed me the contents.

Click here to see my darling's prize...

He's nuts.  Totally nuts.  (He does tell me he isn't actually planning to read them, though.)  And yet I still love him.  Maybe I'm nuts too.

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